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Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessments provide an external opinion of one’s competencies and leadership. They are used to


Assist in hiring for key positions


Help organizations better identify and develop their talent pool


Set priorities with a leader beginning a development process


Many complementary means are used to measure an individual’s profile, such as an extensive interview, an on-line management simulation, four personality tests and an intellectual aptitude test. Results are then presented to the organization and to the individual.

Phénix Conseil’s coaching is distinctive for:

Sound advice

Recommendations are based on valid instruments rather than computer-generated reports. They take into account the organization’s reality and aim to help leaders make well-informed decisions.


Feedback is as personal as possible. It goes beyond describing an individual and provides input to help make decisions for hiring or development. Recommendations are clear and reports are customized.


The report discusses topics that go beyond the leader’s personality such as management competencies, authenticity, leadership development and strategic values.


In selection contexts in which the best candidates are constantly solicited, results are available the day following the assessment and the full report in the next five business days.

Candidate experience

Positive psychology aims to help the candidate develop towards their goals and not make them feel guilty for their shortcomings. Focus is put on trust and the experience contributes to building a positive employer brand.


Coaching is an individual process that aims to accompany a person through a change towards clear goals. Some leaders use a coach during career transitions or when facing new challenges. In other cases, coaching follows a new awareness about difficulties that one may want to address.


Organizations mainly call upon Phénix Conseil for coaching that is focused on management competencies, interpersonal relationships and managing emotions. In most cases, a solutions-based approach is used to leverage the participant’s resources in order to quickly step into action.

Phénix Conseil’s coaching is distinctive for:

Quality of advice

The consultants’ experience and outlook allow the participant to question current strategies in order to find better ones in light of one’s goals and the organization’s culture.


Feedback is an important part of coaching. For both the coach and the participant, communication must be open, including naming when the coach observes a roadblock in order to overcome it.


Coaching relationships are based on trust that the coach aims to help the participant as well as its organization. Focus is set on common goals.

Systemic approach

Given their expertise, the organizational psychologists easily understands the organization’s perspective and can share it with the participant. Without becoming directly involved, they aims to improve communications with other stakeholders to better understand one’s impact.

Selection Consulting

Job seekers are more numerous, but paradoxically organizations find it increasingly difficult to fill their positions. Selection is a business’ first line of defense in the war for talent. Phénix Conseil offers its clients the best practices in organizational psychology to improve selection processes.


Analysis of selection process and recommendations


Opinions on tests and selection tools


Training on selection interviews


Conferences on selection

Phénix Conseil’s coaching is distinctive for:

Scientific rigour

In an industry that is shaped by trends and marketing, Phénix Conseil remains abreast of the latest research in organizational psychology to offer solutions that have a significant impact on quality of hires.


Despite the importance of making a selection decision, speed and flexibility are essential in a context in which the best candidates are in high demand. Solutions aim to maintain simple and efficient selection processes that contribute to the candidate experience.


Phénix Conseil’s partners seek to help organizations achieve their potential, not to make them dependant on the consultant’s solutions. Consulting aims to provide tools that management can use autonomously.

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Organizational Health

Organizations care about their employee’s health and well-being. To lead effective interventions, it is often necessary to start with a proper diagnostic. Interventions in organizational health relate to topics such as psychological health, climate and employee commitment.

Phénix Conseil’s coaching is distinctive for:


Phenix Conseil’s partners use rigorous tools that allow in-depth analysis and relevant comparisons.


Selected models are up-to-date with the latest developments in psychology and management.

Focused on business

Organizations lead interventions to achieve clear business goals. They thus need practical recommendations that are actionable.


Phénix Conseil’s partners aim to help organizations reach their goals, not to make decisions for them. Consulting aims to provide tools to management in order to build their autonomy.

Performance Management

Performance management is key to managing talent and aligning business objectives. It is, however, an important challenge for many organizations. Phénix Conseil’s partners can accompany them in developing their performance management process in order to better contribute to the organization’s overall goals and its human capital development.

Phénix Conseil’s coaching is distinctive for:

Focused on business objectives

Phénix Conseil’s partners understand challenges associated with performance management. They propose practical and effective solutions aligned with the organization’s culture.


Tools are up-to-date with the latest development in psychology and management.


Phénix Conseil’s partners aim to help organizations reach their goals, not to make decisions for them. Consulting aims to provide tools to management in order to build their autonomy.

Team Dynamics and Facilitation

Teams perform when everyone works towards common goals rather than individual issues. Interventions on team dynamics and facilitation aim to bring common goals forward. They focus teams on common objectives and help foster trust in relationships.

Phénix Conseil’s coaching is distinctive for:


Experienced consultants are familiar with successful strategies and winning conditions to make these interventions successful


active participation of team members is solicited to find common solutions.


It is by exploring new avenues and suspending disbeliefs that a team can find solutions to long-lasting problems.